What is .Jobs?

.Jobs is a top level domain. Much like .gov or .edu the .Jobs top level domain is a trusted and recognized portion of the internet.

As the owner of the .Jobs top level domain we own and operate our own .Jobs properties as well as sell domains. The network of sites that we retain ownership of is referenced as the .Jobs Universe. The .Jobs Universe is made up of thousands of career sites and provides a variety of job searching and posting services for job seekers and posters.

Every .Jobs domain focuses on careers and employment related content. To learn more about the .Jobs top level domain visit: http://goto.jobs/ The .Jobs top level domain is sponsored by the Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM).

People and organizations utilizing a .Jobs domain must be supportive of the Bylaws & Code of Ethics of SHRM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) specific to the purchase and use of .Jobs domains can be accessed here: http://goto.jobs/faq/

Applications to purchase a .Jobs domain can be submitted for registration through any of our registrar partners. The list of registrar partners can be located here: http://goto.jobs/register/

Need additional help?

Email our support team at: support@find.jobs

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  • 26-Mar-2019