Managing your positions


Job posts are managed via the Employer Dashboard. You can access your employer dashboard by clicking “Manage My Jobs” in the header or visiting

Upon login, you will be greeted with a dashboard containing the jobs you have posted. From here you can edit, activate, deactivate, or delete your jobs.

Edit a Position

You can edit any detail of any position at any time. To edit a position, click "Edit" next to the position you would like to change. When you click "Edit", you will be presented with a full page containing all of the details of your position. Simply edit any of the form fields, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click "Save Changes" for your edits to go live.

Activate a Position

You can activate an Inactive Position at any time. When you activate an Inactive Position, the position will be moved from your Inactive Positions to your Non-Sponsored Positions. If you have an available subscription slot, you can then sponsor your position by clicking "Add" below the Sponsorship column. If you do not have a subscription slot, you will not see the "Add" option in the Sponsorship column. 

Deactivate a Position

The "Deactivate" function allows you to remove a job from being displayed on the .Jobs Universe. This function is typically used when a position has been filled or when an employer would like to replace the position in their Sponsored Post Subscription slot.

If you have purchased a Sponsored Post Subscription, make sure to replace any job you deactivate with a new position to make the most of your purchase! You can replace the position by activating an inactive position and then clicking "Add" in the Sponsorship column of Non-Sponsored Positions. Additionally, if you do not have an Inactive Position to sponsor, simply click "Post a Job" and select "Sponsored Post Subscription" on the "Choose Post Type" form. At the end of your job post, you will see "using 

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  • 15-Apr-2019