Posting a New Job


Posting a job on .Jobs is a straightforward process.

There are two job post options. You can post a 30 day one-time position or purchase a Job Post Subscription. 

This article outlines the process to post a job and provides tips to ensure your job can be found by the most candidates as possible. 

Before You Start

To post a job, you will need a .Jobs Employer account. If you don't already have a .Jobs account, create an account now. Create a .Jobs Employer account by selecting "I am 'An Employer'" and providing your name, email, password, business name, and phone number.

Post Your Job

  1. Visit and sign in.
  2. Click "Post a Job" in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Getting Started

First, enter the basic information including Job Title, Company, and Location. For the location, you must enter a City/Zip Code or check the box next to "This is a remote position". Even if the position is remote, it is advantageous to include location information in order to increase exposure to your post.

Choose Post Type

You have two options when selecting a Post Type. You can choose between a Sponsored Post Subscription and a One-Time Post. Read Job Post Options to learn more about the differences between the two post types and add-on features.

By selecting "Sponsored Post Subscription", you are given the opportunity to enter an expiration date for your position. Your position will become inactive on this date and your subscription slot will be available for a new or the same position! Be sure to keep your subscription slot filled to make the most of your purchase.

Job Details

  1. ​​​​​​Select the Employment Type. Every posting must have at least one Employment Type. Select all that apply.
  2. Select the Job Category by choosing a major and minor category from the drop-down fields. Every post must have at least one major and minor category. You can assign additional categories by clicking the green "+" next to the drop-down fields. Selecting additional categories will help increase exposure to your job post and ensure your job is displayed on all relevant sites. 

  3. Enter Salary details. Enter the salary amount and select the time period. You may opt to enter a salary range by selecting the check box below the salary fields. Though optional, entering salary information increases the likelihood of your job appearing in search results both on .Jobs sites and on other search engines like Google.

Enter the Job Description

The job description is your opportunity to stand out to the job seeker. Include as much relevant information as possible. Job descriptions should include a detailed overview of the responsibilities, desirable aspects of the job, skills necessary and desired, minimum experience and education level, along with any certifications and soft skills. As a rule of thumb, we suggest including the "3 Rs" -- Responsibilities, Requirements, Rewards -- in your job description.

Our job description editor is flexible for your convenience. Feel free to utilize HTML or Markdown syntax to format your job to your liking. Utilize the "Show Preview" feature to view live how your job will be formatted.

Candidate Capture

Select how candidates should apply to your position. Choose between "On my company website" and ".Jobs collects candidate for us".

If you opt to collect candidates on your company website, you must provide an application URL to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or other career website.

If you opt for .Jobs to collect candidates, you must provide an email address for candidate information to be sent. Candidates will apply directly from the .Jobs site which they are visiting.

Review and Edit

After completing all of the above detail, it is time to review your position. Check that all the details of your position have been entered correctly before proceeding to the next page. You can edit any of the fields by clicking the "pencil" icon next to each field. 

Increase your reach

After reviewing the details of your post, optionally select any add-on features to help drive job seekers to your post. Learn more about additional features by checking out this article about Job Post Options.

Review Your Purchase

Please review your purchase before checking out. If you have chosen a one-time post, you will be charged as such. If you have chosen a "Job Post Subscription" you will be charged only if you do not have an available subscription to use. If you have previously purchased a Job Post Subscription and would like to use that slot, you must first ensure the slot is available by checking your Employer Dashboard

Check the box to agree to the .Jobs Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Finally, click "Check Out" and fill in your payment details.

Post Created!

Once you complete this process, your job will begin the process to be live on the .Jobs Universe. Remember, you can edit a job at any time from your Employer Dashboard. You can now find your job listed under your "Sponsored Positions" on your Employer Dashboard.

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  • 12-Apr-2019